Your Questions



What are your rates?

Commissions for weddings fluctuate depending on wedding location and availability but start at a very reasonable £675.00 for a full days coverage. Contact me using the contact icon below for full pricing sheets.

Do you have any limits on coverage time or the number of photos taken on the wedding day?

Never any limit on photos taken. I offer a base package with 10 hours of coverage and one other package with no time limits. I’m yours whenever you need me throughout the day.

Where will you travel?

Anywhere. I’ve photographed weddings in Cyprus, France, and all over the UK Don’t let distance cause you to hesitate one bit.

How do we book & pay?

You’ll receive a custom payment portal online where you can sign the contract and make payment via internet transfer. I also take cheques if you prefer.

How many photos do we get?

300-1000 images.

Are all of our photos edited?

Yup. All of them. Colour and exposure will be exactly as I intend them to be.

Do you have any client reviews?

Yes! You can read some here or just search the website.

Do you provide a print and distribution release?

Absolutely. You can print your photos wherever you want and you can distribute them around the internet too (facebook, e-mail, twitter, etc). I also provide prints from my professional print lab if you want them done well.

What do we get on our USB and passworded online gallery?

Fully processed high resolution jpeg images. 

Do you take wedding day family portraits?

Of course. I truly love these.

Can my uncle take photos during my wedding?

He sure can… as long as he stays out of my cross hairs. 

Do you have insurance?

Yes. Public liability, Indemity & Equipment. Let me know if your venue needs my info.

What equipment do you use?

Nikon D750 & Fuji X-t3 X-h1  professional bodies with Nikon & Fuji pro lenses

Is this your real job?

Nope, I work in social housing to pay the bills and specialise in weddings, shooting 15-20 a year and as you can see totally committed to delivering beautiful images.

What do you do for relaxation?

With my wife Jen we breed and show sport horses and winter time I relax and have a nice holiday some where hot!