My PRICING STRUCTURE can be found at the bottom of the page but please have a read about how I can capture the essence and beauty of your long awaited wedding day.  Take a little time to see the stunning details in the images that make the story of the wedding that I have used.  This is not a one off lucky wedding but an example of how all of my wedding images look.  I do hope you enjoy reading about how a specialist wedding photographer will capture your beautiful moments for you.



I always endeavour to try and keep things nice and simple with my style of wedding photography.  I believe during the early stages of planning your wedding you have enough to look at and worry about without having to compare fancy named packages to figure out what your needs are and what you can live without, so I have just three simple price structures.


With all my weddings I photograph them on my own from start to finish, so you do not need to worry about missing a moment. But with larger weddings of 80 people or more I would recommend booking my second photographer as this would give you a much smoother experience and a more varied series of images ( I have a choice of two lady photographers who have worked with me for several years )


10hrs Maximum (or completion of the first dance) of expert photography, no restrictions 


I do this simply to offer the best possible coverage, so as to capture the full story of your wedding day for you to treasure in years to come.


The following summery is to give you an idea of the extent of how I shoot a wedding.


However I do appreciate that every wedding day is different and so I am totally flexible in how you want to experience your day. By having the pre-shoot before the wedding,  which is included in all my pricing structures, I will be able to set out a plan just for your special day


L01_R I start the day with the bride and her friends and family, usually as the MUA starts doing her job, I then shoot one of the most important images of the day the brides shoes and flowers. In this image of the shoes I have the brides dress as the background.



As I said, I start the day in the company of some of the most important people, the bride, her mother and all her fabulous bridesmaids. Whether you're getting ready at home, at a relative's house or in a hotel, I will be there to capture the excitement and nerves.



This for me is one of the best parts of the day, I always look forward to seeing the dress and the pure joy of the bride getting ready with the help of her maids



Dads first look is an amazing time, I sometimes feel like I should not take the images as it is so personal and touching.



The husband to be, we must not forget him! so I always get to the church with time to spare for some shots of the groom and his best man.  To see the nerves on their faces is priceless.



I then move on to the service, awaiting the bride to arrive in her limousine and getting the shots of the bridesmaids excitedly fluffing the brides dress and the long awaited walk down the aisle.


L07_R It's a rush then to where the vicar has allowed me to stand and to position myself to photograph the ceremony. This should include the exchanging of the vows, exchange of the rings, the first kiss and all the emotion shared between the bride and groom ( no guarantee can be given for individual images being missed due to circumstances beyond my control ). In the above montage a second photographer was on the balcony of the church and that gave a lovely alternative view of the service.


Once the service has concluded all your friends and family will want to greet you and join you in your happiness with kisses and cuddles and I will float around taking those happy moments in time for you to marvel over once you're back from the honeymoon and relaxing at home.

When the time is right we will move onto the formal shots, usually at the wedding venue. This is normally agreed and predetermined before the day and I will have a shot list to work from with the help of the ushers and second photographer (if booked) to speed things along. Whilst the list is not ridged it will help tremendously and ensure you have all the group photographs you require.



Then we move onto the reception venue.  I will photograph all the beautiful surroundings and the care that has been taken to give your guests a day to remember but once the food arrives I will leave you all to enjoy your meal.  When the coffee has been served I will be back taking lots of candid shots of your friends chatting and having fun before the moment the best man has been worried about for months, the speeches 




 The first dance.  I do not use direct flash for this, but a sophisticated lighting system that gives a unique look to the images, well lit but soft at the same time, this will give your images the emotion and glamour that few brides will see in their dance photographs, and they will also look stunning as a huge canvas on the wall.



Throughout the day I operate in a very unobtrusive style of photography that will not dominate your wedding, just enough firmness for the 'must have' shots, and lots of jokes and fun the rest of the day. I believe that I am there to tell a story in pictures, but not to dictate it.



Something different, evening silhouettes, I love shooting these at weddings