Lloyd & Cariosa At the Old Church Bonchurch then onto the Botanical Gardens Ventnor.

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I joind Cariosa at her hotel on the cascade ventnor where we had a fantastic times getting ready, Cariosa's brothers were the bridesmaids and were so funny so much so that I have never seen such a relaxed bride....lol

wightphotography-23wightphotography-23 wightphotography-27wightphotography-27 wightphotography-28wightphotography-28 wightphotography-33wightphotography-33 I then went to see Lloyd at his parents home just a short trip up the road, much more traditional to still relaxed especially when one of the groomsmen tried his first drop of whisky!

wightphotography-58wightphotography-58 wightphotography-69wightphotography-69 wightphotography-70wightphotography-70

wightphotography-40wightphotography-40 wightphotography-109wightphotography-109 Back to the best part of the getting ready photo's I really enjoy this part of the day for its emotions and seeing the brides realise itsall getting real..

wightphotography-125wightphotography-125 wightphotography-120wightphotography-120 wightphotography-172wightphotography-172 wightphotography-176wightphotography-176 wightphotography-188wightphotography-188 wightphotography-199wightphotography-199 wightphotography-200wightphotography-200 wightphotography-212wightphotography-212 wightphotography-213wightphotography-213 wightphotography-215wightphotography-215 I thought we were going out the door to the church,  when Cariosa asked for some images on the glass deck, this totally through me as the cameras were packed and I had not even seen the deck no pressure then Martin especially shooting into the sun!

wightphotography-220wightphotography-220 This first shot was not quite where I wanted it exposure wise as I had to get the background showing and the faces natural not all dark.

wightphotography-234wightphotography-234 wightphotography-235wightphotography-235 Then I got the flash settings and ambiant settings to match and beautiful images happened :-)

Now we are off to the church.


This church is so small it only takes about 50 people and you can only photograph down the middle or over the heads of people.

wightphotography-246wightphotography-246 wightphotography-249wightphotography-249 wightphotography-264wightphotography-264 wightphotography-268wightphotography-268 wightphotography-278wightphotography-278 wightphotography-280wightphotography-280 wightphotography-311wightphotography-311 wightphotography-327wightphotography-327 wightphotography-334wightphotography-334 wightphotography-359wightphotography-359 wightphotography-385wightphotography-385 wightphotography-435wightphotography-435 wightphotography-436wightphotography-436

Now the fun starts a few congratulations in the church yard then off to the Botanical gardens.

wightphotography-477wightphotography-477 wightphotography-480wightphotography-480 wightphotography-564wightphotography-564 wightphotography-584wightphotography-584

On arrival its off to find everyone for drinks and a few fun pic's!

wightphotography-671wightphotography-671 wightphotography-672wightphotography-672 wightphotography-740wightphotography-740 wightphotography-791wightphotography-791 wightphotography-793wightphotography-793 wightphotography-859wightphotography-859 wightphotography-865wightphotography-865

Hmm, a little enthusiastic haha.

wightphotography-903wightphotography-903 wightphotography-912wightphotography-912 wightphotography-959wightphotography-959 wightphotography-1025wightphotography-1025 wightphotography-1068wightphotography-1068 wightphotography-1075wightphotography-1075 We ran out of time for the tunnel shots so I asked Lloyd & Cariosa to just chat and do what ever they liked under these lights, to my delight they started to dance and twirl, a few different edits for the fun of it.

wightphotography-1130wightphotography-1130 wightphotography-1136wightphotography-1136 wightphotography-1137wightphotography-1137 wightphotography-1144wightphotography-1144 wightphotography-1148wightphotography-1148 wightphotography-1156wightphotography-1156

And then it was time for the real first dance to an amazing live band from I think London?

I always use off camera flash on the first dance pictures where possible as it gives you those all important shadows and lit areas, it just works for BW images.

wightphotography-1173wightphotography-1173 wightphotography-1187wightphotography-1187 wightphotography-1197wightphotography-1197 wightphotography-1212wightphotography-1212 wightphotography-1217wightphotography-1217

And thats it,  just a small part of Lloyd & Cariosa's beautiful wedding.


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