Natalie and Mark Northwood House/Woodvale

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Natalie & Mark 2018




Natalie's parents live in Gurnard just up the road from the Woodvale pub so it was an easy choice for Natalie and Mark to get married on the Island.

Mark is an airline pilot and they met whilst working together, love blossomed and with a big family meet up organised on the Island they decided to have the wedding at the same time.

 I started the day at Natalies family home shooting the getting ready images, Isle of Wight Beauty did the hair and makeup and then it was off to Northwood house for a very emotional ceremony, this was then followed by the reception at the Woodvale pub ( a beautiful venue )

So here are a few from the day.

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wightphotography-Northwood-799wightphotography-Northwood-799 wightphotography-Northwood-801wightphotography-Northwood-801

Lucinda my 2nd photographer, and myself shoot in a natural photo journalist style with very little posing or direction whilst capturing the beauty of the wedding day.   As a father and daughter team we work exceptionaly well together and this shows in the superb images that you will receive.

 I hope that you enjoyed this sample of Nat & Marks amazing day.



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