Natalie & Adam Tapnell Farm

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Lucinda and I had the pleasure of shooting Adam & Natalie's beautiful wedding.

The service was at the stunning St Mary the Virgin Church in the quaint village of Brighstone followed by the reception at a new venue for me Tapnell Farm and the Cow barn.




This is how Natalie tells their story....


First names:

Adam and Natalie Warren


Adam is 32, Natalie 30

Wedding date:

Saturday 30th June 2018


Tapnell Farm & Tom’s Eco Lodge

How did you guys meet, tell me all?

It was my friend, Claire’s birthday and to celebrate, our friends and her boyfriend, Stevie and some of his friends joined us in the pub. There was one guy who I’d not seen before who was a friend of Stevie, so I did some digging and got myself introduced. I was supposed to be going on a date that night after the pub… but I made my excuses and spent the night chatting, dancing and drinking with Ads, and the rest as they say – is history!

How did you get engaged, is there a cool story?

We really love Country music and a few years ago did a USA road trip, where we visited Nashville. We had such a long drive getting there and also received some positive family news we were anxious about an hour before we made it to Nashville. So when we arrived, to celebrate we went for a walk on this beautiful bridge that overlooked the city – we had always said that one-day we would go back there, as the moment was just so incredible. Fast forward a good few years later, for my 30th Birthday, Adam surprised me with a trip to a Country Festival in Nashville! When we arrived, we went straight to the bridge and he proposed! It was so lovely and special. Unbeknown to us, a passer by took some pictures Adam on one knee from the other side of the bridge – later that evening, we were the other side of town, amongst a large crowd at a music event and a lady came running up to us, asking if we were on the bridge as she took photos! So we came away with some incredible pictures that captured the moment.

What made you choose your wedding venue, did you look at many?

We wanted somewhere that was really relaxed. We didn’t look at too many, but when we visited Tapnell Farm we fell in love -  we loved that it wasn’t a wedding venue and we could make it one!  The grounds were amazing, the Cow Restaurant was the perfect spot for the evening party and the views everywhere were spectacular. It was pretty cool that the original Isle of Wight Festival was held on the same fields too!

The on-site accommodation (Tom’s Eco Lodge) was out of this world! We could accommodate a huge amount of our guests, so the days before and after the wedding were just as fun as the actual day! It was a mini holiday for everyone – and there is already talk of when we can all go back!

Our wedding night was spent in a hot tub outside one of the cabins with about 15 of our friends near a Chicken coup and field of Cows! Not many Wedding venues have that as part of the Honeymoon Suite, I’m sure!

What was the inspiration/theme of your wedding?

We didn’t have a theme, but as it was on a farm, we wanted to keep it very relaxed. Our main goals were to make sure people were well fed, watered and were having fun – I think we succeeded!

We had Hay Bales for seating and had local buskers, The Tea & Biscuit Boys to provide music, which went down a treat! I just bought and made what I thought looked nice and hoped that it all would come together!

After the dinner, we wanted to keep the ‘well fed, water and fun’ goal going. So our guests enjoyed Mojito Cocktails on the lawn as the sun went down, then we all went inside and danced to the amazing IOW band, Pinstripe! About 10pm, the caterers paid us all a visit with trays loaded of locally made Cornish and Cheese & Onion Pasties – I then had to loosen a few buttons up on the back of my dress!  Most people carried on the party back at the campsite, with lots of us ending up in Hot Tubs!

What is your first song and why?

We were going to do a slow song, but all of the songs we love are up beat! We chose Hall & Oates, You Make My Dreams Come True.

The song has always been a favorite of ours, I once bought a duvet set before we moved in together and embroidered ‘You make my dreams come true’ on the pillow case, so it was even more fitting that we chose this particular song.

What would be your number one tip to other couples planning their wedding?

Enjoy it, relax and don’t stress! Honest.


Lucinda and myself shoot in a natural photo journalist style with very little posing or direction whilst capturing the beauty of the wedding day.   As a father and daughter team we work exceptionaly well together and this shows in the superb images that you will receive, I hope that you enjoy this sample of Nat's amazing day.

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Make up artist: my sisters and Me!

Bridesmaids dresses: Jenny Packham

Suits: Moss Bros & Next

Florist: Flower Garden -

 Cake:  Frostbite Bakery

Caterer: Oasis Catering




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