Claire & Martyn

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Claire & Martyns family came over to the island for a week of fun and for the wedding.  The ceramony was at Seaclose registry office followed by a superb reception at the Hillside Hotel in Ventnor, this venue was a new one for me and its absolutely beautiful, the chef is outstanding, and the staff could not do enough for Claire and the guests.

Once we had arrived and had a delicious coffee and cake! we went off to the seaside for a few pic's..... and a swim... in gale force

So here we go...

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Loved shooting this small but crazy wedding, totally out of the box!


Lucinda my 2nd photographer, and myself shoot in a natural photo journalist style with very little posing or direction whilst capturing the beauty of the wedding day.   As a father and daughter team we work exceptionaly well together and this shows in the superb images that you will receive.

 I hope that you enjoyed this sample of Nat & Marks amazing day.



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  I really do think that brides to be should see this as you can then see how the photographer really captures the beauty of the day.

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My wedding packages are being restructured so that most will have 2 photographers where possible for a very reasonable price, this will give you another level of quality and coverage of your day.


I now offer a full Photo Booth/party corner with full commercial grade printing for just £195.00 including 100 prints for all my weddings.

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