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Laura & James @ Ryde Castle

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Laura & James picked one of the sunniest days so far this year for their wedding.  The church was the beautiful  quaint  Holy Cross Binstead followed by the reception at the lovely Ryde Castle,  Lots of fun, laughter and a few tears from James....lol

So here we go then a bit of Laura & James life, and lots of images from the day


First names: Laura and James


Ages: Both 27


Wedding date: 29-04-17


Venue: Holy Cross Binstead Church and the Ryde Caslte


How did you guys meet, tell me all? On New Year’s Eve 2007 we met at Ryde balcony after midnight James walked me home to make sure I got home safe. The following day he text me to ask to meet up again and we haven’t been apart since.


How did you get engaged, is there a cool story? Me and James moved in to a new home in Feb 2009 and on valentine’s day he made me breakfast in bed and he put the ring on the rose that was on the tray then knelt on one knee and asked me to marry him. He had also gone and asked my dad a couple of days before.


What made you choose your wedding venue, did you look at many? We looked at a couple but a majority of our friends and family live in Ryde so we wanted somewhere close and Ryde Castle is beautiful inside.


What was the inspiration/theme of your wedding? Me and James love all vintage items.


What is your first song and why? James chose our first song, it was Ed Sheeran – Perfect. He heard the song and he said the song reminds him of our love.


What would be your number one tip to other couples planning their wedding? Enjoy the buildup because the day its self is all over too quick.


Wedding Suppliers

Hair stylist

Website: Jessica Mcburnie


Make-up artist: 

Website: Myself lol


Bridesmaids dresses

Website: http://www.twinkledeals.com/


Suits: Osbornes

Website: http://osbornes-online.co.uk/


Florist: Myself


Cake: My best friend who was also my bridesmaid



Caterer: Ryde Castle.


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Laura-58Laura-58 Laura-59Laura-59 Laura-60Laura-60 Laura-61Laura-61 Laura-62Laura-62 Laura-63Laura-63 Laura-64Laura-64 Laura-65Laura-65 Laura-66Laura-66 Laura-67Laura-67 Laura-68Laura-68 Laura-69Laura-69 Laura-70Laura-70 Laura-71Laura-71 Laura-72Laura-72 Laura-73Laura-73 Laura-74Laura-74 Laura-75Laura-75
Laura-76Laura-76 Laura-77Laura-77 Laura-78Laura-78 Laura-79Laura-79 Laura-80Laura-80 Laura-81Laura-81 Laura-84Laura-84 Laura-83Laura-83 Laura-82Laura-82 Laura-87Laura-87 Laura-86Laura-86 Laura-85Laura-85 Laura-88Laura-88 Laura-89Laura-89 Laura-90Laura-90
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