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Choosing your wedding photographer!

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This blog is not so much about choosing your wedding photographer by just seeing those that people have recommended ( although that is very important ) or by looking at slick websites!  but by the way that the images your choosen photographer can show you catch your imagination.  And to do this in my opinion they need to be edited correctly.

  All wedding photographers will have individual images from different weddings that look amazing and they will set them all out in a single gallery for you to see BUT is that the best way for you to choose?

If I were looking to book a wedding photographer then I would like to see complete and recent wedding galleries from preferably the venue that I was to be married at,  I would also be looking for a consistent theme to the images so that there would be no massive change to the feel of them.  I would also want to see large prints and finished albums from real weddings not from staged or set up fake weddings.

I also would be looking at the editing skills of the photographer as this literally is where the beauty of your wedding images will come from.

So here are a few examples

These two images are from a well known Island venue that has very tricky lighting for any photographer no matter how skilled they are, this bride did not really want flash going off all the time which made it even harder.

This is the image as it came out of the camera, grainy and yuck looking.

wightphotography--2wightphotography--2 And this is how it should look when edited.                                           For the photographers looking this is at ISO12,800


The transformation of the original to this image is purely down to editing correctly and knowing how to do so, unfortunately it seems to be the fashion for photographers to say that they are natural light shooters and do not edit or do very little editing..... this is just total rubbish what they are saying is that they do not have the skills to edit correctly or are too lazy to spend the time on the images.

AN example of editing to get the best from a dull evening shoot


This evening time shoot had everthing going for it except for some beautiful evening sunlight, did that stop us from having a good shoot with the soon to be married couple...NO

Again this is as the image came out of the camera, quite nice but very flat and dull looking, if I had exposed for the couple then we would have had no detail at all in the sky which to me would have ruined the image as I had imagined it to look when edited.

wightphotography--5-4wightphotography--5-4 And here is the edited image

wightphotography--5-3wightphotography--5-3 And this is what you should be getting or demanding from your chosen photographer, obviously not every wedding picture will have this level of work done to it but the first two images are what you should be expecting.

And these next three are again a standard level of editing for weddings and every image should be of this standard.  All wedding photographers have an editing style but you still need a good level of experiance to be able to deliver not just one or two amazing images but hundreds all to the same quality.

wightphotography-amy-205wightphotography-amy-205 wightphotography-amy-581wightphotography-amy-581 wightphotography-amy-765wightphotography-amy-765 So there you are a little bit of what I hope is help for you, and to show just what you should expect from a wedding photographer.  To see some of my weddings then please browse through the blogs or just go to the wedding galleries and see the complete weddings.



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