Wightphotography | Ella & Zac at Ryde Castle 23-4-16

Ella & Zac at Ryde Castle 23-4-16

April 24, 2016  •  6 Comments


Wow, what an amazing day we had for Ella & Zac's wedding,  beautiful sunshine and fantastic friends and family to share it with, they could not have asked for more.


So here are a few from the day that I liked as they were being sorted today.

The dress looked perfect on Ella.


Roses for the flowers.... wightphotography-2wightphotography-2 wightphotography-3wightphotography-3 wightphotography-4wightphotography-4 wightphotography-5wightphotography-5

Love the make up shots. wightphotography-6wightphotography-6 wightphotography-7wightphotography-7 wightphotography-8wightphotography-8

Lots of time went into the nails apparently.... must be a women thing! wightphotography-9wightphotography-9 wightphotography-10wightphotography-10

Dad cried....lol wightphotography-11wightphotography-11 wightphotography-12wightphotography-12 Zac and his wonderful mum :-)


The Roll's was a surprise for Ella. wightphotography-14wightphotography-14 wightphotography-15wightphotography-15

Mum wanted me to cut her head off in the photo's but why should I do that? wightphotography-16wightphotography-16 wightphotography-17wightphotography-17 wightphotography-18wightphotography-18

No nerves then! wightphotography-19wightphotography-19 wightphotography-20wightphotography-20 wightphotography-22wightphotography-22 wightphotography-23wightphotography-23

I think Zac approved of the dress. wightphotography-24wightphotography-24 wightphotography-25wightphotography-25 wightphotography-26wightphotography-26 wightphotography-27wightphotography-27 wightphotography-28wightphotography-28 wightphotography-29wightphotography-29 wightphotography-30wightphotography-30

How do you get it off ???? wightphotography-31wightphotography-31 wightphotography-32wightphotography-32 wightphotography-33wightphotography-33 wightphotography-34wightphotography-34 wightphotography-35wightphotography-35

I love to get the wedding party involved. wightphotography-36wightphotography-36 wightphotography-37wightphotography-37 wightphotography-38wightphotography-38

The signing card that the album package bride always gets for free. wightphotography-39wightphotography-39

It just had to be done. wightphotography-40wightphotography-40

I take my couples away in the evening for a fun shoot where they can relax, I find these images look some of the best. wightphotography-41wightphotography-41 wightphotography-42wightphotography-42 wightphotography-43wightphotography-43 wightphotography-44wightphotography-44 wightphotography-45wightphotography-45

There is a story behind this image from a life long friendship. wightphotography-46wightphotography-46 wightphotography-47wightphotography-47 wightphotography-48wightphotography-48

And thats it, if you would like to see more then please explore the web site and PLEASE- PLEASE leave Ella & Zac some love in the comments box.


mad and lawrie(non-registered)
fab photos we had a great time you and zac look lovely and so so happy xx
Marianne (Mum)(non-registered)
Absolutely stunning images and a true reflection of the love and affection between both Ella and Zac which Martin has captured in these images .... A truly memorable day ... My beautiful little girl xx
Dad & Pam(non-registered)
Omg, these are the best photos we have ever seen. Martin has captured your day amazingly! So so so so proud of you both! We'll be talking about this day and it will be etched on our minds forever! We love you loads and loads xxxxxx
Cheryl Teal(non-registered)
WOW!! What a fantastic day, amazing photos, lots of memories for you to start your life together xx
Kay Goldsmith(non-registered)
Absolutely stunning! Such beautiful photos. Wish you the best of luck for the future xx
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