Wightphotography | Jenna & Ben, Landguard Manor Shanklin

Jenna & Ben, Landguard Manor Shanklin

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I had the great pleasure of shooting Jenna & Bens wedding at St Saviours Church, Shanklin Isle of Wight.  Although it was a bitterly cold day and cloudy we had the great fortune of no rain at all so that was a bonus.

Jenna booked me after seeing my website and liking the fact that at a previous wedding where it had rained all day I had managed to give the bride Ashleigh a lot of beautiful images.   We did not meet up until the week before the wedding as Jenna & Ben live and work in Melbourne Australia so all the arrangements were made by email with Jenna and her mother.

On the wedding day I went to Jenna's mothers house to do all the getting ready shots and to give the MUA Lynsey-Marie Lamothe of Isle of Wight Beauty  a lot of cheek as I normally do when we work together, I find that having a bit of banter with the MUA's or hairdressers tends to relax the Bride and bridesmaids and this gives a much better atmosphere for the photo's.




Thats not a smudge on Jenna's face but Lynsey's dirty mirror!

Whilst all the bridesmaids are being sorted I then have fun with the dress and shoes ( I love taking the shoes images ) its always a challenge to try and find a good place to put the dress and bits.



wightphotography-19 We can't forget the bridesmaids so.........


wightphotography-1 wightphotography-22

wightphotography-25 And most important the pageboy.... being a typical boy!

wightphotography-69 Whilst I was amusing myself taking pictures of the brides morning my daughter Lucinda was with Ben at his fathers house getting some very nice images of them.





Hm, I never did ask.....lol

wightphotography-60 wightphotography-62 Back to me and its dress time :-)

wightphotography-89 wightphotography-91 wightphotography-92 wightphotography-101 wightphotography-110 I love these shots showing the emotion.

wightphotography-116 wightphotography-117 wightphotography-122

So that was the easy fun time of the day now its time for the important church service.

wightphotography-147 wightphotography-138 wightphotography-141 wightphotography-161 wightphotography-167 wightphotography-169 wightphotography-172 wightphotography-179


wightphotography-200 wightphotography-209 wightphotography-214 wightphotography-219 wightphotography-222 wightphotography-242 wightphotography-262 wightphotography-267 Once the family and friends had congratulated Jenna & Ben it was then time for the carriage ride to Landguard Manor in Shanklin for the reception.

wightphotography-316 wightphotography-319 wightphotography-323 wightphotography-324 wightphotography-343 At this wedding we had the cake cutting before the wedding breakfast which was great for me as it was not dark so the lighting was better.

wightphotography-359 wightphotography-438 wightphotography-434 The beach..... even though it was bitter cold Jemma wanted her beach pictures, this is something that I try to get all my brides to have if we are close to a beach as the images are always some of the best from the day, I find the Bride & Groom relax and enjoy just being on their own for the 30min  or so it takes, these shots were done in 25 minutes including the car travel time...

wightphotography-451 wightphotography-454 wightphotography-462 wightphotography-468 wightphotography-481 wightphotography-484 wightphotography-488 wightphotography-495 wightphotography-498 wightphotography-503 wightphotography-506 By now Jenna was freezing and was happy to get back to her friends and family for the food and drinks :-)

wightphotography-374 wightphotography-531

wightphotography-536 wightphotography-568

wightphotography-570 wightphotography-581 wightphotography-603 wightphotography-605 wightphotography-613 wightphotography-618 wightphotography-622 And that is the end of a wonderful days shooting for me and an amazing wedding for Jenna & Ben


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