Wightphotography | Favorites from some of my weddings this year...

Favorites from some of my weddings this year...

October 18, 2015  •  1 Comment


On the beach at Apply Ryde in the beautiful evening sun. CLICK THE IMAGE FOR A BIGGER VIEW. 0DC_47350DC_4735 Rookly country park evening sunlight on the ponds. DSC_2893DSC_2893 An amazing window just had to be used with the stunning bride. DSC_6741DSC_6741 Father sang and played for his daughter on her special day.... DSC_6789DSC_6789 The downs from Rookly Park DSCF8914DSCF8914 One of my favourite sunset shots, with the sun reflecting off the pond. DSCF8926DSCF8926 Island Games Hammer gold medalist Amy could not resist a practice session....lol wightphotography--1wightphotography--1 wightphotography--2wightphotography--2 Just what kissing gates are for... wightphotography--603wightphotography--603 Make up bridal portraits I love doing them :-) wightphotography-1 2wightphotography-1 2 Rain, wind,sea mist....... I will still get a beautiful image of you on your wedding day. wightphotography-1 3wightphotography-1 3 Landguard Manor gardens are stunning for glorious evening images, I always take my couple off for some fun but serious photography, these are the ones that go on the wall... BIG. wightphotography-1 4wightphotography-1 4 Not a wedding but a pre-wed shot that just screams...LOVE... wightphotography-1 5wightphotography-1 5 1st dance shot, I use lights and lots of them (3 in this one ) for those dramatic looking B/W pictures. wightphotography-1 6wightphotography-1 6 Albert Cottage, every lady loves a uniform! wightphotography-1wightphotography-1 Evening sunlight at Landguard Manor.....lol, ok I lied its my lighting that gives the warm glow wightphotography-2wightphotography-2

1st dance at Newclose Cricket grounds, coloured lights and dancing.... superb.. wightphotography-11 2wightphotography-11 2 Fishbourne creek in the midday sun = stunning portraits of love. wightphotography-11wightphotography-11 wightphotography-13 2wightphotography-13 2 wightphotography-13wightphotography-13 wightphotography-15wightphotography-15 wightphotography-19wightphotography-19 Standing above Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight in the sunshine with blue skies, we are so lucky! wightphotography-Clare-1wightphotography-Clare-1 Ponda Rosa Ashy...... and a blue flash high lighting the 1st dance,  beautiful. wightphotography-dance-1wightphotography-dance-1 Wow... wightphotography-Diana-7wightphotography-Diana-7 Newclose sunset. wightphotography-elliot-1wightphotography-elliot-1 Carisbrooke castle is not an easy place for a good image due to all the signs and people, but this one just works wightphotography-elliot-2wightphotography-elliot-2 wightphotography-elliot-3wightphotography-elliot-3 I like this for the mirror reflection wightphotography-hannah-4wightphotography-hannah-4 wightphotography-hannah-11wightphotography-hannah-11 Lakeside pier, this has turned into a must have shot for my brides and Lakeside now use a similar image that I shot in the wedding info that they give brides. wightphotography-Helen-1wightphotography-Helen-1 Love this shot, rain and sun we had it all. wightphotography-jo-1wightphotography-jo-1 Lakeside, evening sun light, we missed out the boring old fallen tree and used the glorious back drop to the lake for our shots.   It seemed to work out well! wightphotography-Lakeside-park-6wightphotography-Lakeside-park-6 wightphotography-Lakeside-park-9wightphotography-Lakeside-park-9 What wedings should be... fun. wightphotography-Lakeside-park-13wightphotography-Lakeside-park-13 wightphotography-Lakeside-park-18-3wightphotography-Lakeside-park-18-3 One happy groom  wightphotography-pauline-1wightphotography-pauline-1 wightphotography-pauline-3wightphotography-pauline-3 A wife, his dog and a stunning sunset...... wightphotography-sandra-586wightphotography-sandra-586

Albert Cottage back dropped by an amazing sunset.

Waiting in the moonlight for the fireworks to start.

wightphotography-amy-1267wightphotography-amy-1267 wightphotography-amy-1269wightphotography-amy-1269

wightphotography-amy-1268wightphotography-amy-1268 wightphotography-amy-1280wightphotography-amy-1280 wightphotography-amy-1289wightphotography-amy-1289

This is just a few from the thousands of images that my brides have received this year, if you would like more info then please use the drop down buttons at the top of the page.




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Great photos Martin - thanks for the brilliant work you did for us at Landguard this summer!
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