Kara & Dan Landguard Manor 2014

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Wow.... what a day!

  Kara and Dan decided to get married at the superb Landguard Manor in Shanklin last saturday, all week the weather reports were very mixed one minute its going to be cloudy with sun, the next its going to rain, then come the day it was glorious sunshine.

 I started the day as I always do taking pictures of Kara getting ready, watching Kara have her hair put up in a fantastic arrangement that looked amazing.

wightphotography-Kara-27wightphotography-Kara-27 Then the all important make up, Kara's make up was very subtle but as she said "usually I am in wellies mucking out my horses and don't do make up " I think the general opinion was that she should do so more often...lol

wightphotography-Kara-19wightphotography-Kara-19 wightphotography-Kara-63wightphotography-Kara-63

The Dress..... the bit I always look forward to seeing for the first time and wow did this dress impress

wightphotography-Kara-14wightphotography-Kara-14 wightphotography-Kara-15wightphotography-Kara-15 wightphotography-Kara-22wightphotography-Kara-22

Along with the dress we have the all important flowers and shoes.

wightphotography-Kara-33wightphotography-Kara-33 wightphotography-Kara-34wightphotography-Kara-34 Just imagine what would be said if I forgot to take a shot of the brides shoes........

Then it all starts to come together in a mad rush because that 2 hours we have before the service is now only 40 minutes and no one has put the posh frocks on yet!

wightphotography-Kara-39wightphotography-Kara-39 wightphotography-Kara-165wightphotography-Kara-165 wightphotography-Kara-181wightphotography-Kara-181 wightphotography-Kara-186wightphotography-Kara-186 wightphotography-Kara-202wightphotography-Kara-202 wightphotography-Kara-209wightphotography-Kara-209

Amongst all the excitement I then get a message that Dan the groom is arriving outside so I had to rush down stairs to get a picture of his limousine 

with Dan and the best man

wightphotography-Kara-99wightphotography-Kara-99 wightphotography-Kara-102wightphotography-Kara-102 As you may have guessed Dan is a farmer and decided to take a drive from Freshwater to Shanklin in his nice new tractor driven by his best man of course.


This is for me the most stressful part of the day, checking over and over my camera settings, where I am going to take the pic's from being careful I am not in any of the numerous mirrors ( seen that in other weddings ), making sure I know when the bride is setting off......... I think the groom has it easy!


I get the nod from Landguards staff and its all happening...

wightphotography-Kara-241wightphotography-Kara-241 wightphotography-Kara-244wightphotography-Kara-244 wightphotography-Kara-256wightphotography-Kara-256 wightphotography-Kara-258wightphotography-Kara-258 wightphotography-Kara-273wightphotography-Kara-273 wightphotography-Kara-277wightphotography-Kara-277 wightphotography-Kara-283wightphotography-Kara-283 wightphotography-Kara-286wightphotography-Kara-286 wightphotography-Kara-288wightphotography-Kara-288 wightphotography-Kara-289wightphotography-Kara-289 wightphotography-Kara-294wightphotography-Kara-294 wightphotography-Kara-306wightphotography-Kara-306 wightphotography-Kara-317wightphotography-Kara-317

Now the fun part of the day starts once the confetti has been dropped... Yep dropped onto Kara & dan.

wightphotography-Kara-386wightphotography-Kara-386 wightphotography-Kara-390wightphotography-Kara-390 wightphotography-Kara-393wightphotography-Kara-393 wightphotography-Kara-351wightphotography-Kara-351 wightphotography-Kara-355wightphotography-Kara-355

Now its drinks and chat time outside on the beautiful lawns.


Whilst Kara & Dan welcomed all their guests I popped into the reception room for a few pictures of the room and cake.

wightphotography-Kara-52wightphotography-Kara-52 wightphotography-Kara-54wightphotography-Kara-54 wightphotography-Kara-56wightphotography-Kara-56 Speeches, they are always amusing

wightphotography-Kara-427wightphotography-Kara-427 wightphotography-Kara-439wightphotography-Kara-439 wightphotography-Kara-449wightphotography-Kara-449

After the speech's we then had a superb display of Hawks and Owls from Haven Falconry   this went down very well with most of the guests petting or holding a bird, Kara absolutely beamed all the time even the biggest Hawk was flown by her.

wightphotography-Kara-543wightphotography-Kara-543 wightphotography-Kara-554wightphotography-Kara-554 wightphotography-Kara-563wightphotography-Kara-563 The Hawk had spotted the resident Red Squirrels in the trees Whoop's good job he was secure..

Not forgetting the lovely Owls.

wightphotography-Kara-470wightphotography-Kara-470 wightphotography-Kara-483wightphotography-Kara-483

Even Dan who looked a bit nervous of the Hawk had a go with lots of encouragement from his friends.


Now we get to my favourite part of the day, the time when I take the bride & Groom off for a few pictures on their own, I usually bundle them into my car and off we go but as Landguard has such glorious grounds we went for a walk.

wightphotography-Kara-603wightphotography-Kara-603 wightphotography-Kara-611wightphotography-Kara-611 wightphotography-Kara-612wightphotography-Kara-612 Then stopped for some posed shots.

wightphotography-Kara-407wightphotography-Kara-407 wightphotography-Kara-409wightphotography-Kara-409 wightphotography-Kara-410wightphotography-Kara-410 wightphotography-Kara-414wightphotography-Kara-414 wightphotography-Kara-416wightphotography-Kara-416 wightphotography-Kara-422wightphotography-Kara-422 Thats a very happy looking Dan.

Earlier in the day I had spotted some bluebells that just had to be in the pictures, I set out a blanket that I use for these shots and Kara was soon snuggled up to Dan and I got the image that I had visualised that morning

wightphotography-Kara-596wightphotography-Kara-596 wightphotography-Kara-598wightphotography-Kara-598

And now to finish off the day we have the first dance.

edit-716edit-716 wightphotography-Kara-3-2wightphotography-Kara-3-2 edit-730edit-730

Unfortunately there are no guest pictures as it was requested that they were kept password protected, however I am sure that if you contact Kara she will sort that out for you if you were at the wedding, the gallery has 730 images in it so if your a guest then I have got you...

If you would like more details of my weddings and how I photograph them then please follow the links at the top of the page.

Thank you for looking




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