Emma & RG Ningwood Manor Isle of Wight

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Emma & RG picked one of the best days of the summer to get married at Shalfleet Church.  The sun shone, there was a nice breeze to cool the guests and a superb marquee on the lawns of the family home, Ningwood Manor.

Emma & RG both work in London and all their friends made the trip to the Island.  Emma's family traveled from all over the world, RG is an American and I think I can say that his family and friends were slightly bowled over by the beauty and history of both the church and the Manor house.

Well thats enough writing as I really am no good at it and lets see something that I am fairly good at........ The photo's :-)


The stunning gardens and croquet lawn.

wightphotography-RG-11wightphotography-RG-11 wightphotography-RG-7wightphotography-RG-7 wightphotography-RG-8wightphotography-RG-8 Emma getting the full beauty treatment by Lynsey of Isle of Wight Beauty

wightphotography-RG-81wightphotography-RG-81 wightphotography-RG-84wightphotography-RG-84 wightphotography-RG-114wightphotography-RG-114 wightphotography-RG-103wightphotography-RG-103 wightphotography-RG-132wightphotography-RG-132 wightphotography-RG-133wightphotography-RG-133 wightphotography-RG-137wightphotography-RG-137 Emma's amazing engagement ring.

wightphotography-RG-91wightphotography-RG-91 wightphotography-RG-95wightphotography-RG-95 The brides bouquet 

wightphotography-RG-98wightphotography-RG-98 Must not forget the shoes....

wightphotography-RG-142wightphotography-RG-142 Brunch before the madness starts!


wightphotography-RG-217wightphotography-RG-217 I love it when all the bridesmaids get involved helping the bride....

wightphotography-RG-228wightphotography-RG-228 Mother checking...lol

wightphotography-RG-230wightphotography-RG-230 Fathers first look

wightphotography-RG-232wightphotography-RG-232 wightphotography-RG-233wightphotography-RG-233 wightphotography-RG-243wightphotography-RG-243 wightphotography-RG-244wightphotography-RG-244 Something different I bounced the flash into a wall mirror to create a nice shadow

wightphotography-RG-259wightphotography-RG-259 wightphotography-RG-266wightphotography-RG-266 wightphotography-RG-267wightphotography-RG-267 With these veil shots I could not choose between the two so you get to see both.

wightphotography-RG-269wightphotography-RG-269 wightphotography-RG-274wightphotography-RG-274 I don't usually put any group shots in the blog but this one has something to it that just made me want to include it.


To the church.

wightphotography-RG-311wightphotography-RG-311 wightphotography-RG-315wightphotography-RG-315 wightphotography-RG-318wightphotography-RG-318 wightphotography-RG-327wightphotography-RG-327 wightphotography-RG-332wightphotography-RG-332 wightphotography-RG-336wightphotography-RG-336 wightphotography-RG-340wightphotography-RG-340 RG's first look at his soon to be wife

wightphotography-RG-342wightphotography-RG-342 wightphotography-RG-346wightphotography-RG-346 wightphotography-RG-350wightphotography-RG-350 wightphotography-RG-376wightphotography-RG-376 wightphotography-RG-391wightphotography-RG-391 wightphotography-RG-398wightphotography-RG-398 wightphotography-RG-400wightphotography-RG-400 wightphotography-RG-403wightphotography-RG-403 Yes....

wightphotography-RG-411wightphotography-RG-411 Friends doing a bit of barber shop harmony during the signing of the register.

wightphotography-RG-420wightphotography-RG-420 wightphotography-RG-416wightphotography-RG-416 Emma loves the wedding scene in 'Love Actually' so as a surprise family and friends re enacted the scene for her, when I was told in secret that it was going to happen I thought to myself that it would be hard to pull off.... well it was amazing!

wightphotography-RG-460wightphotography-RG-460 wightphotography-RG-462wightphotography-RG-462 wightphotography-RG-465wightphotography-RG-465 wightphotography-RG-467wightphotography-RG-467 wightphotography-RG-468wightphotography-RG-468 wightphotography-RG-470wightphotography-RG-470 wightphotography-RG-473wightphotography-RG-473 wightphotography-RG-477wightphotography-RG-477 wightphotography-RG-480wightphotography-RG-480 wightphotography-RG-487wightphotography-RG-487 wightphotography-RG-501wightphotography-RG-501 Back to the Manor.

wightphotography-RG-553wightphotography-RG-553 wightphotography-RG-567wightphotography-RG-567 wightphotography-RG-607wightphotography-RG-607 wightphotography-RG-619wightphotography-RG-619 Tea on the lawn American style!

wightphotography-RG-702wightphotography-RG-702 wightphotography-RG-706wightphotography-RG-706 Beautiful image of Mother & Daughter watching everyone having fun.

wightphotography-RG-720wightphotography-RG-720 wightphotography-RG-724wightphotography-RG-724 wightphotography-RG-727wightphotography-RG-727 wightphotography-RG-732wightphotography-RG-732 wightphotography-RG-742wightphotography-RG-742 wightphotography-RG-745wightphotography-RG-745 The night was spent having fun trying to learn Scottish Reel dancing, I have never seen so many people have so much fun on the dance floor.

wightphotography-RG-894wightphotography-RG-894 wightphotography-RG-961wightphotography-RG-961 If you would like to see more of my work then please use the buttons at the top of the page,  I really do love to see comments about the wedding day or the images so please use the comments box and send Emma & RG some love.




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