Stacey & Richard 2014

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A day of fun, laugthter, mad scott'smon, one of my favorite church's on the Island.... and it stopped raining....


Stacey and Richard fell in love with the Island so when Richard proposed they decided to have an awayday to beautiful Ventnor, and specifically Old church St Boniface's Church which is also one of the oldest and most quaint little churches you could ever have to get married in.  The reception was then held at East Dene a 2 minute walk up the hill from the church.


So to the bit that matters........ the wedding images!

Mum's love...

wightphotography--1wightphotography--1 Fantastic bridesmaids they really made the day fun  as you will see later on :-)

wightphotography--2wightphotography--2 The dress was bit of a challenge to get a shot of as it was so long

wightphotography--3wightphotography--3 wightphotography--5wightphotography--5 wightphotography--6wightphotography--6 wightphotography--7wightphotography--7 wightphotography--8wightphotography--8 All day long the smile never slipped.

wightphotography--9wightphotography--9 Richards daughter who is a fantastic gymnast 

wightphotography--10wightphotography--10 wightphotography--11wightphotography--11 Stacey had two sets of shoes as she could not make up her mind which to wear.

wightphotography--12wightphotography--12 wightphotography--13wightphotography--13 Flowers from Richard

wightphotography--14wightphotography--14 wightphotography--15wightphotography--15 I wanted to write  " may be...." and tx him the pic!

wightphotography--16wightphotography--16 Whoop's 1hr before the

wightphotography--17wightphotography--17 wightphotography--18wightphotography--18 wightphotography--20wightphotography--20 wightphotography--21wightphotography--21 wightphotography--22wightphotography--22 wightphotography--23wightphotography--23 wightphotography--24wightphotography--24 wightphotography--25wightphotography--25 wightphotography--26wightphotography--26 wightphotography--27wightphotography--27 Ready..... I was there for three hours for 3 min of fully dressed bride before I had to dash off, loved every minute of those hours.

wightphotography--29wightphotography--29 wightphotography--30wightphotography--30 Richard getting a kiss from his brother

wightphotography--31wightphotography--31 wightphotography--32wightphotography--32 Now... why am I here today?

wightphotography--33wightphotography--33 wightphotography--34wightphotography--34 It's the effect I have on bridesmaids!!!

wightphotography--35wightphotography--35 I did say Ventnor has no golf club...

wightphotography--36wightphotography--36 wightphotography--37wightphotography--37 wightphotography--38wightphotography--38 wightphotography--39wightphotography--39 wightphotography--40wightphotography--40 As you can see the church is full with just 50 people

wightphotography--41wightphotography--41 wightphotography--42wightphotography--42 The reading by Milly was so emotional but superb at the same time.

wightphotography--43wightphotography--43 wightphotography--44wightphotography--44 IT WILL GO ON!!

wightphotography--45wightphotography--45 wightphotography--46wightphotography--46 wightphotography--47wightphotography--47 wightphotography--49wightphotography--49 wightphotography--50wightphotography--50 YES!!!!!

wightphotography--51wightphotography--51 I think he was let out for the day and forgot his medication looking at the umbrella.

wightphotography--52wightphotography--52 wightphotography--53wightphotography--53 wightphotography--54wightphotography--54 wightphotography--55wightphotography--55 wightphotography--56wightphotography--56 wightphotography--57wightphotography--57 wightphotography--58wightphotography--58 wightphotography--59wightphotography--59 wightphotography--62wightphotography--62 East Dene and it stopped raining.

wightphotography--63wightphotography--63 wightphotography--64wightphotography--64 wightphotography--65wightphotography--65 wightphotography--66wightphotography--66 Always good fun at a wedding.


Nan is in her 80's and loved the castle...

wightphotography--69wightphotography--69 Looks like two were let loose from the mad house!

wightphotography--70wightphotography--70 Loved this shot, just looked up and snap got the image :-)

wightphotography--71wightphotography--71 wightphotography--72wightphotography--72 Richards nephew, even he smiled for me....  or perhaps it wind lol.

wightphotography--73wightphotography--73 Just as the sun was setting I dragged them out for a few quick shots.

wightphotography--74wightphotography--74 wightphotography--75wightphotography--75

I like this shot for the shape the tree gives the image. wightphotography--76wightphotography--76 wightphotography--77wightphotography--77 1st dance

wightphotography--78wightphotography--78 wightphotography--79wightphotography--79 wightphotography--80wightphotography--80 wightphotography--81wightphotography--81 wightphotography--82wightphotography--82 wightphotography--83wightphotography--83 Emotion, this is what wedding photography is all about the laughter, fun and tears of joy.

wightphotography--84wightphotography--84 wightphotography--85wightphotography--85 wightphotography--86wightphotography--86 wightphotography--87wightphotography--87 Thats it if you would like to see more then please use the buttons at the top of the blog, thank you for looking and please leave some love for Richard and Stacey in the comments box :-)



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