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Rich & Sheryl Osbourne House

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This is a rework of a wedding that I shot a few years ago with what would be classed as poor camera's by the amazing camera's that I now use even though they were the best at that time.  I have edited them with a new look B/W action that I quite like just for a change to my normal style of editing so a little feed back would really be appreciated.

Emma-46Emma-46 Emma-52Emma-52 Emma-54Emma-54 Emma-62Emma-62 MW1_9915-2MW1_9915-2 MW1_9920-2MW1_9920-2 MW1_9911-Edit-EditMW1_9911-Edit-Edit Emma-67Emma-67 IMG_2109IMG_2109 Emma-69Emma-69 Emma-71Emma-71 Emma-72Emma-72 Emma-74Emma-74 Emma-121Emma-121 Emma-2Emma-2 Emma-3Emma-3 MW1_9949MW1_9949 Emma-76Emma-76 Emma-81Emma-81 Emma-140Emma-140 Emma-143Emma-143 Emma-146Emma-146 Emma-149Emma-149 Emma-157Emma-157 Emma-158Emma-158 Emma-166Emma-166 WED_1882WED_1882 Emma-81Emma-81 IMG_2160IMG_2160 IMG_2172-2IMG_2172-2 IMG_2174IMG_2174 IMG_2213IMG_2213 MW1_9973MW1_9973 MW1_9993-3MW1_9993-3 MW1_9993-2MW1_9993-2 WED_1870WED_1870 WED_1865WED_1865 WED_1949WED_1949 WED_1981WED_1981 WED_1889WED_1889 Emma-207Emma-207 Emma-29Emma-29 Emma-33Emma-33 Emma-37Emma-37 Emma-42Emma-42 Thanks for looking




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