Wightphotography | About
I’ve thought for a quite a long time what to write here and eventually came to the conclusion: my photos should say it all. you will not see any awards, badges, or “top 10 lists” here because all that matters to me is that you love what you see on my blog or galleries my imagery should reach out to you.  Mostly, I show wedding work because it’s where I have the most creative control and my vision comes through the strongest.  Of course, weddings are more than just a few portraits and i’m happy to share full galleries with you upon inquiry.


I approach wedding days as a storyteller and realize that the last image of the day can be just as important as the first. I know you’ll enjoy and love your photos for the rest of your life and that they have value well beyond what you pay for them, for these reasons I offer packages with full day coverage and no limit on images taken.


Everything in my business is done by myself. from the initial e-mail to the blog post and final delivery of your usb key and album… it’s always me. i’m inspired by my clients and strive to make completely original images showing who they are together and as individuals.


My style isn’t for everybody, but for those that feel it is i hope to talk with you soon.