1. You like my style of photography, and want a similar style to your wedding photographs.
    This is one of the most important considerations. If you want a completely different look than what is in my portfolio, you are probably better off finding a photographer that creates that style. Choosing a wedding photographer is a very personal decision, and I know that I am not the perfect choice for every couple. I consider each wedding a collaboration with the bride and groom, so it is important that your vision matches my style.
  2. I am very laid back and relaxed. I go with the flow and won’t try to run your wedding.I know how hectic and stressful your wedding day can be, and I work very hard to not only not add to that stress, but to also keep you relaxed and laughing. I may make some suggestions during the day-for example, where to stand for the cake cutting, but I am far from a control freak.
  3. I promise-no cheesy photos.
    We all know the overused wedding photo cliches-those photos that end up looking forced and corny. I avoid anything that is unnatural looking or contrived, and since every wedding is different, I take different photos at every wedding-I don’t have a list of standard poses and shots I take at every wedding.
  4. Get a gorgeous album.
    The album company I use for your wedding album only sells to professional photographers and designers. Their stellar quality, combined with my background as a graphic designer means you get an album that is tastefully designed and beautifully printed and bound. See some photos of the album on my blog.
  5. My assistant extraordinare Lucinda will help your day go smoothly.
    I bring my assistant Lu when you book a package that includes a 2nd tog, and she is extremely helpful at bustling dresses, pinning boutonnieres, helping to organize the group shots, and pretty much anything else you need during the day. She usually ends up being more of an assistant to the bride than me and is amazing with her camera.
  6. Photography is my full time passion but I do have a day job.
    There are many very good wedding photographers who do weddings on the weekend and another job during the week. I am one of those photographers I am able to focus my full energy and attention on providing stellar service to my clients and the images reflect this passion.
  7. I have over Ten years experience photographing weddings.
    I have photographed many weddings over the years, so I am prepared for just about any circumstance. Over the years, I have honed my ability to anticipate what is going to happen, as well as my technical skills. I have also been lucky enough to photograph at a lot of Island venues, so I almost certainly have experience photographing at your venue.
  8. I use some of the best cameras and lenses available, and have multiple backups.
    While the skill of the person holding the camera is much more important than the equipment, having really great gear helps. And at a once in a lifetime event like a wedding, having backup cameras just in case is critical. For the technofiles I use Nikon D810,D750 and Fuji XT-! with the very best and very expensive lenses.
  9. Your wedding photos will be timeless.
    My style of photography is classic, and I tend to eschew many of the current trends in an effort to deliver photographs that will look as amazing at your fiftieth wedding anniversary as they do today. In addition, I offer extreme security for your digital files, with images backed up on three hard drives and a remote server in the USA. The albums I offer will last for generations, and the fine art prints I sell won’t fade or discolor. 
  10. I love photographing weddings.
    This reason sounds a bit selfish, but my love for photographing weddings is a major benefit to you as well. I genuinely love my job, and I believe this shows in both my attitude on your wedding day and in your wedding photos.