Красота — это мудрость женщины. Мудрость — это красота мужчины». Китайская пословица
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«Нет работы тяжелее, чем стараться выглядеть красивой с восьми утра до полуночи». Брижит Бардо

«Женская красота — не в форме лица, не в одежде, которую она носит и не в прическе. Настоящая женская красота отражается в душе, она проявляется в том, как страстно женщина дарит свою любовь. Женская красота растет с годами». Одри Хэпберн

«Почему женщины так много времени и средств уделяют своему внешнему виду, а не развитию интеллекта? Потому что слепых мужчин гораздо меньше, чем умных». Фаина Раневская

«Только красота, сочетающаяся со скромностью, имеет право называться красотою. Красота без скромности — это не красота, а всего-навсего миловидность». Мигель де Сервантес.
«Красота — как драгоценный камень: чем проще, тем драгоценнее». Фрэнсис Бэкон

«Женщина красива, как цветок. А каждый цветок должен быть немного распущен». Ева Лонгория

«Любовь к красоте — это вкус. Создание красоты — это искусство». Ральф Уолдо Эмерсон

«Как было бы прекрасно, если бы мы могли видеть души, а не тела; смотреть на любовь и сострадание, а не на изгибы». Карен Кван

«Настоящая красота не та, которой любуешься с удовольствием, но та, на которую смотреть так же трудно, как на солнце». Этьен Рей

«В погоне за стандартами красоты можно проглядеть истинное счастье». Сальма Хайек
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«Красота души разливается подобно таинственному свету по телесной красоте». Виктор Гюго
Great photography!
Amazing work! Im impressed! :)
30.Beth & Lewis(non-registered)
Thank you sooooo much Martin & Lucinda for doing an absolutely amazing job on our wedding day! We are over the moon with the photos, many of which we didn't even know were being taken! Fantastic!! So friendly, made everyone feel at ease, thank you again! Would have no hesitation to recommend you to anybody x
29.David & Amy(non-registered)
Well where to begin, our wedding was absolutely amazing and we have got sooo many fantastic photos that Martin took during the day. We couldn't have asked for a better photographer, thank you. We recieved our photo album today which is brilliant and would highly recommend Martin to anybody who is after a fantastic service and top quality memories that are captured in photographs. Thanks again Martin.
28.Stacey & Richard(non-registered)
Richard and I had the best wedding day and could not have chosen a better photographer. Martin was amazing. I had some crazy bridesmaids and we had some even crazier guests and we have images of it all. Martin captured the day perfectly and most of the time we didnt know he was even there. He captured the best moments of the day. He was with me for about 3 hours for the getting ready process and we did actually forget he was there but there was not a moment missed with photos to prove it. I would highly recomment using Martin - his style of photography suited us and our guests. We could not have asked for more!
July 28th Ben Orton wrote on my Facebook page

'Me and Bev would like to say a massive thank you to Martin Wilkins Adam Pearson Debbie Pearson Finishing Touches Kevin N Natalie Downer Doris Pinks and Ryde Castle for helping us with our wedding day on Saturday. Without those guys the day wouldn't have been the same and we both are both so happy that you were able to make our day perfect. We really couldn't speak more highly of each and everyone of you.'

Bev also wrote

'Amazing photo's taken by an amazing photographer we enjoyed every minute of our day with you thank you oh and sorry about the heat I did order sun but phew it was unbearable at times x'
Maria Foreman wrote on my Facebook page

'Thanks Martin, lots of fab pics! Would you mind if I created an album on my Facebook of some of the wedding pics? I will be sure to mention who the fantastic photographer was '
Natasha Whitty wrote on my Facebook page

'Wow Martin, the photos are excellent, love them all.

We would still love to get a beach shoot in our wedding clothes- perhaps in the little chapel thing down priory As well, maybe we will bring wellies to brave mud and sea too??? Whatever, no doubt you'll have some ideas too?!

(Personally I'm just excited about putting my wedding dress on again!!)

We hope to hire a suit for Aiden and maybe even manage a button hole, I might even ask Ruth to do my makeup again? (Well a girl should enjoy any spoiling possible)

Anyway, we are pretty much free now (a bit of a shock after spending so long planning our wedding)

Would next weekend be any good to you? Or would you prefer another time?

Thanks again for all the amazing photos-

Natasha and Aiden'
Gemma Harper wrote on my Facebook page

'Hey Martin they look amazing thank you sooo much for a fantastic day and being so relaxed around us and amazingly organised, you Made us feel so chilled. Thank you again will recommend you to everyone Gemma and Danny xx'
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