Jodie & Tristan @ Lakeside

August 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

This is a big departure from how I normally edit my weddings and is a bit of an experiment.


Just a small selection from Jodie & Tristan's big day.

DSC_3795DSC_3795 DSC_3798DSC_3798 DSC_3808DSC_3808 DSC_3812DSC_3812 DSC_3825DSC_3825 DSC_3819DSC_3819 DSC_3827DSC_3827 DSC_3871DSC_3871 DSC_3880DSC_3880 DSC_3884DSC_3884 DSC_3891DSC_3891 DSC_3901DSC_3901 DSC_4001DSC_4001

DSC_3919DSC_3919 DSC_3934DSC_3934 DSC_3944DSC_3944 edit-3930edit-3930 edit-3954edit-3954


DSC_4012DSC_4012 DSC_4025DSC_4025 edit-4048edit-4048

DSC_4049DSC_4049 DSC_4077DSC_4077 edit-4090edit-4090 DSC_4119DSC_4119 DSC_4128DSC_4128 DSC_4150DSC_4150 DSC_4190DSC_4190 DSC_4183DSC_4183 DSC_4193DSC_4193 DSC_4207DSC_4207 DSC_4283DSC_4283 DSC_4342DSC_4342 DSC_4368DSC_4368 DSC_4374DSC_4374 DSC_4407DSC_4407 DSC_4420DSC_4420 DSC_4430DSC_4430 DSC_4446DSC_4446 DSC_4319DSC_4319 edit-4324edit-4324

I would love some comments about these images.




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