Natalie & Tim, Botanical Gardens Ventnor 2014

May 19, 2014  •  6 Comments

This last Saturday I had the pleasure of shooting Natalie & Tim's wedding at St Boniface's Church in Bonchurch followed by a reception at the Botanical Gardens in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight.


We started the day at The Royal Hotel where both the bride & groom were getting ready, I had the help of my wonderful daughter Lucinda at this wedding, her help with taking pictures and also arranging how people look in them is invaluable and really makes a huge difference to the finished images.

The Royal Hotel.

0DC_93270DC_9327 0DC_93400DC_9340 0DC_93680DC_9368 0DC_93720DC_9372 Something old, something new, something blue...

0DC_94870DC_9487 Stunning dress details

0DC_01210DC_0121 Brilliant shot by Lu, lovely the way she fitted the page boy in the end.

800_4225800_4225 800_4248800_4248 I always enjoy the first time Father see's his daughter in her dress, I have a little bet with my self and usually get it right with almost all Father of the brides having a damp eye.....

0DC_95820DC_9582 The bridesmaids getting into the swing of things....

0DC_96420DC_9642 Mum looking stunning and very proud of her beautiful daughter.


Now for the serious part of the day.

0DC_96910DC_9691 This was one of the shots that Natalie really wanted as Tim first set eyes on her.

0DC_97330DC_9733 0DC_97610DC_9761 0DC_98160DC_9816 I think this image shows the love they have for each other, simply beautiful.

edit-9881edit-9881 Now its fun time at the Botanical Gardens, but first we stopped off at the Royal Hotel for a couple of images.

0DC_00260DC_0026 800_4534800_4534

0DC_04640DC_0464 0DC_01340DC_0134 800_4569800_4569 800_4584800_4584 800_4571800_4571

0DC_00900DC_0090 0DC_02710DC_0271 0DC_01650DC_0165 800_4540800_4540 800_4546800_4546 800_4559800_4559 800_4574800_4574 800_4580800_4580

edit-0246edit-0246 All too soon it was first dance time...

edit-4734edit-4734 edit-4739-2edit-4739-2 A wonderful wedding on the best day weather wise of the year and fantastic family and friends to help celebrate what more could Natalie and Tim want :-)    

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Beautiful pictures and love the colours and style of your wedding! Stunning!
Stephen Bishop(non-registered)
Love these shots. Our second wedding that we supplied suits for on the Island. Fantastic shots for a fantastic couple. Spread the word guys, bringing lightweight and fitted suiting to the IOW. Congrats to the Creeds
Daisy Buckingham(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful photographs - looked like the perfect day :)
Congratulations and all the luck and love for the future! x
linda creed(non-registered)
Such beautiful pics and what a wonderful day x
Charleys Aunt Barb(non-registered)
What a beautiful all looked amazing
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