Heidi & Paul at The Newholmwood Hotel 2013

June 29, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I do like weddings at the Newholmwood Hotel in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, the day always runs smooth with the help of the great staff who work so well as a team.

I arrived for a late start for me which was very nice, Heidi had her friends and work mates to help her get ready whilst all the guests were arriving for pre-wedding drinks, then it was fun time :-)  

This is just a sample from the several hundred images from the day.

wightphotography-Heidi-18 wightphotography-Heidi-28 wightphotography-Heidi-38 wightphotography-Heidi-49 wightphotography-Heidi-51 wightphotography-Heidi-57 wightphotography-Heidi-61 wightphotography-Heidi-64 wightphotography-Heidi-73 wightphotography-Heidi-80 wightphotography-Heidi-96 wightphotography-Heidi-99 wightphotography-Heidi-102 wightphotography-Heidi-103 wightphotography-Heidi-107 wightphotography-Heidi-121 wightphotography-Heidi-126 wightphotography-Heidi-139 wightphotography-Heidi-155 wightphotography-Heidi-254 wightphotography-Heidi-65 wightphotography-Heidi-69 wightphotography-Heidi-259 wightphotography-Heidi-297 wightphotography-Heidi-346 wightphotography-Heidi-350 wightphotography-Heidi-354 wightphotography-Heidi-326 wightphotography-Heidi-332 Please have a look at the rest of my blogs from recent shoots to see a sample of my photography and if you would like to see more then please have a look at www.wightphotography.com


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