Leonie & Phil Rookley Country Park 2013

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Leonie & Phil had the ceremony at St Mildred's Church Whippingham, but before we got to the church I went to Leonie's house for the hair and Make up shots.

Hair was done by Donna Jones a very good and capable wedding hair dresser.

Make up again was by Ruth Hawkins who owns the very successful Harmony Beauty.  An amazing MUA, Ruth keeps on updating her skills and has just brought over to the Island the amazing Temptu Airbrush Makeup, this for me is a superb beauty treatment as my computer touch ups on the portraits taken of my brides need to have very little added work done, all the little imperfections are gone.

Unfortunately I did not find out who the flowers were from but they looked fantastic.

Picture time now.........

wightphotography-1 Beautiful shoes, from irregular choice.

wightphotography-3 wightphotography-5 wightphotography-6 wightphotography-7 All the good things on the day start early! 

wightphotography-8 wightphotography-10 wightphotography-12 wightphotography-13 wightphotography-17 wightphotography-21 wightphotography-37 wightphotography-19 wightphotography-39 wightphotography-47 wightphotography-52 wightphotography-54 Here comes the groom

wightphotography-64 wightphotography-73 wightphotography-90 wightphotography-85 wightphotography-99 wightphotography-96

And then disaster struck, the Vicar forgot to tun off the space heater so the bride and groom were bathed in red light...... so B/W images it is

wightphotography-100 wightphotography-105 wightphotography-108 Then as a reading was being done I managed to switch the heater off.

wightphotography-113 wightphotography-122 wightphotography-128 The lighting in the church for some reason was horrendous, usually St Mildreds has fantastic light.

wightphotography-172 wightphotography-175 It was blowing a gale when we came out and very cold.


wightphotography-186 wightphotography-227 wightphotography-237 The above shot was an experiment, not sure if I like it or not but I wanted a new angle on the church.

wightphotography-253 wightphotography-262 wightphotography-265 wightphotography-295 All the pond shots were unfortunately taken with a single off camera flash as it was much to windy for the beauty dish that I normally use.

wightphotography-300 wightphotography-306 wightphotography-317 wightphotography-331 wightphotography-318 wightphotography-339 wightphotography-345 wightphotography-356 THE END.................

More can be found out about my wedding photography at Wightphotography.com


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